Links & reads from 2013 Week 10

A nice read on Open Source and Responsibility, among a lot of other Java and JavaScript topics. Some nice videos on Ember.js were released too. Also some nice libraries and tools were announced, in the likes of Thorax and NetflixGraph.



  • Donuts – css/js donut charts
  • Thorax – a Backbone + Handlebars solution built and used by Walmart
  • Resthub – a Spring and Backbone based solution for fast development of HTML5 applications
  • Springmvc-router – Play’s router implementation made for Spring MVC
  • The Royal Wedding – an awesome rouge-based console game for the browser
  • jqTree – a jQuery based tree widget
  • Validatr – ‘Cross Browser HTML5 Form Validation’
  • NetflixGraph – Java based library providing a compact in-memory data structure which can be used to represent directed graph data
  • Twitter Bootstrap 3.0 RC – a preview of the next major version of Bootstrap

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