Links & reads from 2014 Week 16

Enjoy reading and exploring!





  • SculeJS – ‘data structures for the web’
  • bacon.js – FRP (functional reactive programming) library for JavaScript
  • Oimo.js – a ‘lightweight 3D physics engine for JavaScript’
  • Crumpet – a ‘deliciously simple SASS/SCSS responsive framework that keeps your HTML clean & stays out of your way’
  • bigdesk – ‘live charts and statistics for elasticsearch cluster’
  • elasticsearch-segmentspy – ‘ElasticSearch plugin to watch segment dynamics (additions, merges, deletes)’
  • Gitbook – ‘command line utility for generating books and exercises using GitHub/Git and Markdown’
  • Goji – a ‘minimalistic web framework for Golang inspired by Sinatra that’s high in antioxidants’
  • traffic – a (Sinatra inspired) web framework for Go with middlewares and more
  • mango – helps generating man pages from Go source code

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