Links & reads from 2014 Week 27

Enjoy reading and exploring!







  • HPPC – ‘High Performance Primitive Collections for Java’
  • Ratpack – ‘A toolkit for JVM web applications’
  • pgjdbc-ng – ‘A new JDBC driver for PostgreSQL aimed at supporting the advanced features of JDBC and Postgres’
  • pac4j – a ‘Profile & Authentication Client for Java’
  • quickstart – ‘CommonJS module resolver, loader and compiler for node.js and browsers’
  • deb.js – ‘Minimalistic JavaScript library for debugging in the browser’
  • hamlet – ‘a simple and powerful reactive templating system’
  • mosca – ‘The multi-transport MQTT broker for node.js. It supports AMQP, Redis, MongoDB, ZeroMQ or just MQTT’

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