Links & Reads from 2014 Week 48

Enjoy reading and exploring!







  • SemanticUI 1.0.1 release
  • Spring Boot 1.2.0.RC2 release
  • Event Horizon – ‘CQRS/ES toolkit for Go’
  • Phoenix – ‘Elixir Web Framework targeting full-featured, fault tolerant applications with realtime functionality’
  • chestnut – ‘Application template for ClojureScript/Om with live reloading’
  • RethinkDB – ‘An open-source distributed JSON document database with a pleasant and powerful query language’
  • mermaid – ‘Generation of diagrams and flowcharts from text in a similar manner as markdown’
  • Charted – tool for visualizing tabular data, by Medium (related: Introducing Charted)
  • regulex – ‘JavaScript Regular Expression Parser & Visualizer’
  • – ‘3d city builder game’ – awesome source code.

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