Links & Reads from 2015 Week 9

Enjoy reading and exploring!







  • Luminus 2.0 release
  • QBit – a library for building microservices in Java
  • grpc – by Goole, ‘A high performance, open source, general RPC framework that puts mobile and HTTP/2 first’
  • Pulsar – by eBay, ‘Pulsar is a highly scalable and reliable event-driven data pipeline for real-time analytics’ (related: Announcing Pulsar)
  • Easy Batch – ‘a framework that aims to simplify batch processing with Java’
  • Smile – ‘Statistical Machine Intelligence & Learning Engine’
  • spring-full-webapp-example – an example TODO webapp with Spring 4
  • nock – ‘HTTP mocking and expectations library’ for node
  • minicanvas – ‘Simple helper to quickly generate canvas images (for the browser and nodejs)’

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