Links & Reads from 2015 Week 14

Enjoy reading and exploring!







  • Redis 3.0 release
  • Rust 1.0 beta release
  • Orbit – ‘a modern framework for JVM languages that makes it easier to build and maintain distributed and scalable online services’ (related: Launching into Orbit)
  • Jodd – a ‘set of open-source Java tools and micro frameworks’
  • Xembly – a DSL for data manipulation of XML documents
  • Kubernetes – ‘Manage a cluster of Linux containers as a single system to accelerate Dev and simplify Ops’
  • Lattice – ‘an open source project for running containerized workloads on a cluster’
  • Fluentd – ‘Open-Source Log Collector’
  • spring-soy-view – ‘Google Closure Templates integration with Spring MVC’
  • Titon Toolkit – ‘A front-end UI toolkit built with HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, Sass and Gulp’
  • Burger – a ‘minimal hamburger menu with fullscreen navigation’

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