Links & Reads from 2015 Week 19

Enjoy reading and exploring!



#Java – Apache Ignite stuff:




  • LogCabin 1.0 release
  • Reactive Streams 1.0.0 release
  • NativeScript 1.0.0 release
  • Apache Kylin – ‘an open source Distributed Analytics Engine’
  • Machinery – ‘an asynchronous task queue/job queue based on distributed message passing’
  • Cats – ‘Category Theory and algebraic abstractions for Clojure’
  • Brutha – ‘Simple ClojureScript interface to React’
  • jquerymy.js – ‘a lightweight jQuery plugin for complex two-way data binding in real time’
  • crdt – ‘Commutative Replicated Data Types for easy collaborative/distributed systems’ in JS
  • awesome-electron – Useful resources for creating desktop JS apps with Electron (used in the Atom editor)
  • emoji4j – ‘Java library to convert short codes, html entities to emojis and vice-versa’

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